Saturday, March 21, 2009

Window boxes are gardening at it's finest!

This second story window box has Tapien verbena which
are very drought tolerant to handle those days you
forget to hang out the window and water!

Notice how the french blue adds so much interest
to this window box palate.

Sweet potato vine adds great interest to this
cottage window box.

Below is a shade window box with lots of hybrid begonias.

Blue lobilia and sweet potato vine make up thisterrific window box. Don't forget that the lobilia can't take the heat the summer so either plant in quite a bit of shade or don't plant unless you live in cooler climates. Don't ever let lobilia dry out.

Nothing says window box more than geraniums. These are typical Zonial geraniums
that are not a hanging annual. Notice how well they work in this application. The reason they work so well is because the window's are very low. The red is great against the buttery yellow home.

King Kong coleus, french blue petunias and double impatience make this planter just pop. These petunias are not "vegitative" such as Wave petunias so they will require alot of dead heading. The great color is worth the sacrifice.

Million bells and white lobilia are a great combination in this window box. This box would do great in part-sun. I like the way they kept the color only in the center. It give the illusion that the pink flowers just jumped as an after thought.

Window boxes

are an easy way to add alot of color with a small investment!

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