Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do you want to know a secret?

I am learning just along the way like the rest of you. I saunter through gardening books like a new cook devours a recipe book for the first time. My hair on the back of my neck tickles when someone asks me the name of a plant I don't know. Oh, don't get me wrong I know a lot of stuff but compared to some I am an elementary student. One can spend their entire life primping and prodding rose bushes to achieve that perfect bloom. Another can spend years on trying to perfect their hosta collection. I have a friend that is a hosta expert. She actually had to stop telling people her whereabouts out of fear that her prized possessions (this being hosta mind you) might be carried away by some trowel armed lunatic. So when you get frustrated because of the mucky weather we are having or because your neighbor knows the name of the plants that you don't forget about it. Gardening is supposed to be a hobby; not a stress inducer. Unless you want to join a Fancy shamcy gardening club where everyone is competing to know more than the next just chill out and enjoy being outside.
Advise of the day:
Plants are borrowed. A plant is not a candy dish given to you by your mother; a plant is a living organism. Like humans plants have a shelf life. So in every aspect treat them as such. If your plant expires it isn't like you smashed it into smithenes. It was it's time. Sure you might have helped it along but lest not forget you were only borrowing it for a period of time.