Sunday, October 21, 2007

10/21/2007 Halloween at Goffle Brook Farm

Halloween is a great time to discover Goffle Brook Farm. We are located in Ridgewood and are celebrating our 39th year.

In the past few years old time favorites such as Tice's, Van Riper's and Russel Farms have closed. Goffle Brook Farm is one of the last "farm stands" left in Northern New Jersey.

As you pull in you will be greeted by a 12 foot witch. When you get to the back it won't take long to realize there is a few goats at the farm. The "bhaa" will introduce you to the sheep; Lori and Elmer. Take a stroll over to the resident "grave yard" and find out how Justin Time met his demise. I think it had something to do with being late.

For the brave at heart you can check out the "haunted room". Be prepared it is pretty scary even for adults.

Did I mention that we have the best pumpkins in the state? The only complaints we get about our pumpkins is that if they aren't carved they never spoil. People tell us stories about dressing their pumpkin up for Easter and feeling guilty that they finally have to throw it out to make room for Forth of July decorations.

So please come and visit us and don't forget:

Goffle Brook Farm is Ridgewood's Best Kept Secret!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mums and Peppers and Cabbage, Oh My!

Mums Black Eyed Susan
Icicle Pansies




Oriental Peppers

Ornamental Cabbage
Fall is here and there is so many awesome flowers to choose from at Goffle Brook Farm.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our Trip to Chicago

The city of Chicago is the place to go if you love flowers. Everywhere you go the city is blooming. Many cities try to do flowers but no city in America does flowers like Chicago. The flowers are lined up in rows waiting for the observer to dare and take a peek. Planters are tucked under bridges, on buildings under construction and on roof tops. I dare the traveler to find a plant that is not cared for.